VOX extra



■ HIGH THERMAL OUTPUT Guaranteed by certification, according to the norm EN 442, from the “Politecnico” in Milan. The high thermal output allows less bulky radiators to be installed.
■ ENERGY SAVING WITH MAXIMUM COMFORT With the Global radiators the regulation of the temperature is easy and inexpensive. An ideal temperature for every environment according to personal needs is rapidly achieved.
■ VERY LONG DURATION Thanks to the high quality of the material, that gives the maximum guarantee of resistance and duration. The double protection in the “anaphoresis-bath” followed with epoxy power enameling guarantees a perfect and durable finish.
■ EASIER INSTALLATION Due to the lightness of the aluminum and the sectional elements that allow greater ease and flexibility of installation.
■ CERTIFIED QUALITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL The ICIM certified on 1994 (norm ISO 9001:2000) the Quality System and on 2001 (norm UNI EN ISO 14001) the System of Environmental Management

INSTALLATION (click here)
■ The Vox Extra radiators can be used in all hot water or vapour heating installations up to 110° C with a working pressure up to 600 K Pascal - 6 bar.
■ They can be installed in systems using iron, copper or thermoplastic pipes.
■ The highest heat output can be obtained by mounting the radiators observing the following distances:
≥ cm 3 from the wall
≥ cm 10 from the floor
≥ cm 10 from the shelf or window-sillsTo avoid noise caused by thermal expansion the use of plastic sleeves on the brackets is recommended (artt. 4, 14, 25, 27 or 29 in our catalogue).
■ In order to protect the heating system against rust and corrosion, it is highly recommended to check the pH level of the water used (preferably between 6.5 and 8) and to introduce a suitable inhibitive additive, Cillit-HS 23 Al or similar, in a quantity equal to 1 litre to every 200 litres of water circulating in the system.
■ We recommend the installation of automatic or manual air vent valves for radiators to ensure maximum efficiency.
■ The interceptor valves should not be closed completely in order to prevent excessive pressure from building up in the system. It is recommended to install automatic air vent valves on each radiator if it is necessary to isolate one or more radiators from the circuit.
■ To ensure lasting protection of the radiators, they should not be stored or installed in humid or damp environments. Paint bubbles on even small parts of the radiator could cause the aluminium to oxidise and the entire painted surface to flake away.
■ It is advisable not to use abrasive products when cleasing the radiator surface.



All radiators produced by Global are certified in accordance with the legislation specified by the various countries in which they are sold.