Continuous and dedicated design is needed to obtain strong, light andelegant products.

A continuous evolution...

The production of aluminium radiators begins with the smelting in automated ovens of ingots of aluminium alloy EN AB 46100.
The molten aluminium is continually checked and analysed with specialist equipment to guarantee the excellent quality required for Global radiators.

The liquid aluminium is passed to waiting furnaces from which the injection moulding machines are fed automatically.

Following stringent checks on thickness and dimensional tolerances, the elements pass to the mechanical section.

Here with full automation, the single elements are tapped, prepared and assembled to obtain radiators of required dimensions. Each radiator is tested to 9 bar pressure, after which the radiators undergo further examination before passing into the washing, degreasing and phosphatizing ovens.

The final process in the preparation of the radiator is stove enamelling.
- The first phase in this process is 'anaphoresis', which involves immersing the entire radiator in a liquid bath so that the radiator is totally protected.
- After drying, the final epoxy powder is applied followed by a firing in the oven at 200° C to guarantee a product which maintains its aesthetic qualities for all time.

Finally, all radiators are enclosed in a polythene film and packed in a strong export carton to protect them up to the moment of installation..

All radiators produced by Global are certified in accordance with the
legislation specified by the various countries in which they are sold.