EKOS ed EKOS PLUS irresistibly rounded


EKOS and EKOS PLUS, designed and patented by GLOBAL enrich the vast range of Global aluminum radiators.


Radiators of an innovative line, harmonious, of rounded form that furnish environments elegantly where the aesthetic result is particularly important.
Thanks to the high quality of the material, that gives the maximum guarantee of resistance and duration. The double protection in the ‘anaphoresis- bath’ followed with epoxy powder enamelling guarantees a perfect and durable finish.
With the Global radiators the regulation of the temperature is easy and inexpensive. An ideal temperature for every environment according to personal needs is rapidly achieved.
Guaranteed by certification, according to the norm EN 442, from the “Politecnico“ in Milan. The high thermal output allows less bulky radiators to be installed.
Due to the lightness of the aluminium and the sectional elements that allow greater ease and flexibility of installation.

INSTALLATION (click here)
• The EKOS PLUS and EKOS radiators can be used in all hot water heating installations up to 100° C with a working pressure up to 600 K Pascal - 6 bar (test 900 K Pascal - 9 bar).
• They can be installed in systems using iron, copper or thermoplastic pipes.
• The highest thermal output can be obtained by mounting the radiators observing the following distances:
≥ cm. 3 from the wall
≥ cm. 10 from the floor
≥ cm. 10 from the shelf or window-sills
• In order to avoid problems due to deposit and corrosion in the heating system when using mixed metals it is recommended (norm UNI-CTI 8065) to check the water pH preferably (between 6,5 and 8) and to introduce a suitable inhibitive additive (Cillit-Hs 23 Combi or similar) in a quantity equal to the manufacturer's recommendation for circulating hot water.
• We recommend the installation of floating automatic or manual air vent valves for radiators to ensure maximum efficiency.
• In order to avoid problems with overpressure, we suggest not closing completely any valves. If it is necessary to isolate one or more radiators from the circuit it is advisable to put automatic air vent valves on every radiator.

IMPORTANT: if the aluminium radiator EKOS PLUS is installed with bottom opposite end connections, it is advisable to insert a diverter (art. 22) between the first and second element. The inclusion of the diverter enhances circulation, thereby guaranteeing maximum performance of the radiator.
• The plugs or reductions (art. 5 and 6) must be used only with original 'O-R' gasket (art. 24) alternatively the kit (art. 44, 47, 49) can be used.
• In the case of assembling more sections, the nipple 1" mm 30 (art. 23) and the 'O-R' gaskets (art. 24) must be used.

Todos los modelos producidos por la empresa Global están homologados
según las normas vigentes en los Países donde se utilizan.